Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The 2019 Baldpate Season: A Wintry Opening

      Our 2019 season has officially begun and we've already cared for 26 guests over the course of Memorial Day Weekend! Our dining hall & sun porch have been trod by numerous guests, both returning and new, who've been such a delight for our staff to serve. The first couple days felt the heavy cloak of winter still upon them, but summer is coming and we are looking forward to it. We hope to see all of you who follow us here and ask that you spread the word of Baldpate Inn to all your friends so they might be just as enchanted!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The 100th season here at the Baldpate Inn is officially coming to an end today. We have been blessed by everyone who has visited, stayed, and donated to The Baldpate Inn over the last 100 years and especially for those who made our 100th season so special.
You have one LAST CHANCE to visit the Key Room until 5:00 pm today. Tomorrow we will be closed for winter with plans of reopening in May. Stay tuned for updates about our 101st season in 2018!
We love you all! Have a fun & safe winter!

Friday, October 13, 2017

This weekend will be the last of our 100th season, and you won't want to miss a final opportunity to come up and take a walk around the Key Room! Our restaurant is already closed for the season, but our Inn is still open for you to experience the history and magic of the Baldpate. We are open today and tomorrow from 9 am to 5 pm and on Sunday from 9 am to noon. We look forward to seeing you!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

As our most treasured Baldpate friends and loyal customers, we wanted you to be among the first to know and have the facts about our plans.
Our Baldpate property is scheduled for an auction sale on October 30, 2017. With the intent of protecting the history and integrity of our collections, our property will be sold as one entity, land, buildings and contents.
Our family has been blessed owning this historic inn for 32 years. Though this change is very bittersweet, we plan to be moving onto our family's next chapter and feel confident a new Baldpate family will view this enchanting place as the perfect opportunity to carry on traditions and make new memories for you in the next 100 years.
As soon as our new ownership gets underway, 2018 reservations will be available for lodging, dining or wedding events for the 101st season.
To find just the perfect buyer, we've specifically chosen Sotheby's partner Concierge Auctions, because of its vast experience in marketing unique real estate opportunities, such as our Inn. For more details about our October 30th auction, please contact project manager, Will Daoud, 813.503.3203 Open House 1 PM to 4 PM daily.

Monday, October 9, 2017

While the snow has covered everything outside, we're staying cozy here at the Baldpate Inn, enjoying the beautiful view! Our staff couldn't be more excited about the snowfall, like children on Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, make sure you stop in this week before we close for the season to check out the special collectible items in our gift shop, including our Centennial Mugs. We are still running our Fall sale on all other mugs, as well as our Collections books and Seven Keys to Baldpate novels. They make wonderful gifts for the holidays!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

It may be Fall but we are expecting snow on Monday here in Estes Park- winter is coming! Lodging and the Key Room will be open until October 14th so you are still welcome to come visit us! We will be having a long overdue roofing repair project next week so please use the wheelchair accessible ramp on the right as you approach the main lodge by the library- the main entrance will be closed. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

We are so thankful for everyone who helped us celebrate our 100th birthday and who made this such a special season! It's been wonderful to have customers come in with stories about their memories here or who tell us about family and friends that have worked and stayed here over the years. Becky and Jim were just here celebrating their wedding anniversary and shared their story of accidentally finding the Baldpate after a stop at Lily Lake about 30 years ago. They stopped in for some Apple Pie and ended up falling in love with our quaint, rustic lodge.They are just two of the many amazing guests that we've had stay with us this season and throughout the years.
If you have any special memories from the Baldpate, please let us know and share them in the comments! Also, if you're interested in reading more stories about the Baldpate Inn and engaging in its rich history, you can check out our special 100 Year blog at https://100yearsbaldpateinn.blogspot.com/!