Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today's Soups and Muffins

Good Morning!

It is a chilly, and snowy morning here at the Baldpate Inn.  Though I am sure that all of the Estes Park natives see MUCH more snow than this, in the months I have been here, this is the most snow a girl from El Paso, TX has seen in a long while!  It definitely puts me in the mood for a hot bowl of homemade soup.  If you have the same incling please come down for a visit to enjoy our Pumpkin Curry, and Cowboy Buffalo Stew today.  Our muffins today are Golden Sunshine and Green Onion Cream Cheese. 

We hope to see you again before the end of the season!  Please call 970-586-5397 to make reservations.

Have a wonderful day,

Andrea Arrigucci
Dining and Events Manager