Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Good morning folks! The weather has cleared up and it's a beautiful view into the valley. Today we are serving Cowboy Buffalo Stew & Tomato Rice soups and Oatmeal Blueberry & Triple Cheese muffins. Our fall hours will be changing throughout the rest of the season so stay tuned for updates! Today our hours are 11:30 am- 7:00 pm.

Join us tomorrow evening at the Baldpate Inn for a special presentation! Derek Fortini, Director of the Estes Park Museum, will be taking us on a historical journey through the town of Estes Park. "Estes Park Then and Now" will showcase the town through photographs.

If you would like to enjoy a soup and salad buffet for dinner before the presentation, you can call and make reservations at 970-586-KEYS (5397) or call for any other questions about the presentation.