Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, September 27th

Good Morning Everyone!

Thank you to all of our visitors the past few days who helped us celebrate our Enchanted Autumn Gold weekend.  We hope you enjoyed our themed days of pumpkin, corn, and apple that coincided with the changing aspen leaves.  If you had a chance to try our new Apple Carrot soup yesterday and have some feedback, we'd love to hear it.  We're currently debating whether or not to add this soup to our regular rotation of soups and we'd greatly appreciate any comments you may have about it.  Feel free to send us a quick email at if you have any feedback about this new soup.

Also, a winner has been picked for our Enchanted Autumn Gold drawing.  Belinda Heeden was the lucky winner and will be receiving a gift certificate to use at the Baldpate Inn.

Soups of the day: White Chili and Cream of Mushroom

Muffins of the day: Lemon Ginger and Banana Butterscotch

Even as we move into the later stages of our season, we still highly encourage reservations.  We have been quite busy the past few days so give us a call or visit our website or Facebook page to make a reservation and ensure we'll have a table for you.

Take care,

Eric Knapke
Hotel Manager