Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good morning!

It is another lovely morning here at the Baldpate Inn!  As the weather is turning to Autumn I am certainly glad to have hot homemade soups available everyday to keep me warm.  Today we will be serving our delicious Beef Stew, and our Broccoli Cheese soup.  Our muffins are Pumpkin, and Mandarin Orange. 

Don't forget about our Summer Enchanted Evenings tomorrow night at 7:00 PM here at the Baldpate Inn library.  Our topic is “What’s Wrong with this Picture?” and will be presented by John Meissner.
Join the Estes Park History Rescue Project for this Wednesday’s Summer Enchanted Evenings for a 45-minute look at the current state of our past. “What’s Wrong with this Picture?” will examine information assigned to 10 crucial photographs or buildings that Estes Park has yet to get right, and absolutely must correct and reach community consensus on before Estes approaches its 2017 centennial.

In 1992, as Estes Park prepared for its 75th birthday, a large number of commemorative plaques and monuments were placed in downtown open spaces and on historic buildings. While most of the information incorporated on the markers was accurate, some of the dates and locations were grossly inaccurate. With the advent of easily searchable electronic databases, it is clear that, in some cases, where information was ambiguous (sometime in the 1930s, around this neighborhood, etc.) it can now be made precise, and where information was precise, it was often wrong. Indeed, some of the dates assigned to “classic” and frequently reproduced Estes Park images are off by as much as a decade.

If you would like to join us for dining please call for reservations at 970-586-5397. Hope to see you then!

Andrea Arrigucci
Dining and Events Manager