Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Good Morning Everyone!

The autumn season is starting to get underway here at the Baldpate Inn.  While the weather still feels like summer, the aspen trees are starting to show signs that fall is just around the corner.  On my walk up the driveway this morning, I noticed a small handful of aspen leaves that have started to get some yellow spots on them.  In a few weeks, the mountains will be peppered with golden yellow as all the aspens begin to change color.

Soups of the Day: White Chili and Garden Vegetable

Muffins of the Day: Cranberry Nut and Green Onion Cream Cheese

Even as we move into the fall and Estes Park begins to slow down from the summer influx of visitors, we still always recommend reservations.  Please give us a call at 970-586-5397 or visit our website to make an online reservation.

Take care,

Eric Knapke
Hotel Manager