Monday, August 2, 2010


Well Howdy to Ya!

As I went to get the paper this mornin', I had to stop and marvel at the view. The Baldpate Inn has one of the best vantage points of gorgeous scenery I, personally, have ever seen. The sun perched itself right on top of Twin Sisters like a bird prepared to belt out her delightful tunes for the day. The clouds scattered themselves across a true blue sky, framing Longspeak with frothy elegance. What would be a better location to enjoy soups, salad, and homemade, delicious pies?

Our namesake play will return this weekend with three fantastic performances! Seven Keys to Baldpate will start its entertaining Friday, August 6, at 6:30pm! Saturday is loaded with 2 Key performances, the first at 1:30pm, perfectly fit for following an 11:30pm lunch, and an evening performance at 6:30pm, nestled nicely between two great times for dinner. Tickets are $15 and $12 with the purchase of a meal. Be sure to come and enjoy all that The Baldpate has to offer! Please call for play and dinner reservations at (866) 577-KEYS.

The Baldpate Inn has recently been awarded one of the top Great Customer Service establishments in Estes Park. Our staff is thoughtfully made up of young professionals with a passion for hospitality. We will greet you will a smile that holds through your time with us. Honestly, we just want you to have the best dining/lodging experience possible. I urge you to come and see the difference in our service compared to what you might expect from just any hotel or restaurant.

As you check out the service, be sure to indulge in the Tastes of Baldpate. Today we are serving our White Chili and Cream of Mushroom soups along with our Zucchini Dill and Classic Blueberry muffins! Our spectacular salad bar is eager to please your taste buds with the fresh crisp of delicious vegetables. Our famous cornbread, honey wheat bread, and homemade pies are reason enough to venture south of Estes for a truly grand experience.

We look forward to seein' ya!

Chelsea Rose
Smiling Expert
The Baldpate Inn