Sunday, June 7, 2009

The End Of The Employee Scavenger Hunt

Good Morning all!

Today marks the end of the Baldpate Staff’s annual scavenger hunt. We were required to visit businesses and places of interest all over Estes Park in order to complete a very detailed list of questions. Part of the purpose of the hunt is to allow many of us “out of towners” to familiarize ourselves with our surroundings so that we might be able to better assist our guests during their visit. Even more than learning about the very intriguing history of the town, I was able to meet some great people along the way! So from our very own scavenger hunt I bring you a few questions to test your very own Estes Park knowledge.

At Lake Estes what is the Tiger Muskie Regulation?

What was the age of the oldest person to go rafting with Rapid Transit?

What is the brand new flavor of ice cream at the 14ers café?

How many children did Joel Estes have?

Don’t worry if you didn’t know the answers off the top of your head. The scavenger hunt took my teammates and I several hours of driving around and questioning locals to figure out, but I really do feel connected to the town now and am proud to say I know exactly how to find my way to the Taffy Shop!

Now to get to the heart of the blog, here are our specialties of the day:

Soups- Pumpkin Curry and Beef Stew

Muffins- Zucchini Dill and Blueberry

And after a fair amount of snooping in the kitchen I believe that tomorrow’s soups have a good chance of being Red Chili and Broccoli Cheese.

Please come out and join us at the Baldpate today and be sure to ask your server for any funny stories that might have happened to them while they were out scavenging! Call us at 970-586-6151 if you would like to make a reservation for Sunday dinner, or visit us on the web at

Have a great day!
Katie Emard
Front Desk Associate