Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good Morning Estes Park,

Greetings from the Front Desk, Cory Meza in charge and excited to be back writing the blog. If you are in Estes Park looking to venture into Rocky Mountain National Park for some hiking, I highly recommend Deer Mountain, it’s a 6 mile round trip, but the views from the summit, especially if you are ambitious and get there right after sunrise, are amazing. It’s been a lovely start to the season with the rest of the summer only looking better still. We’re located just left of Lilly Lake on Highway 7; call us at 970-586-6151 to make a reservation. We’d love for all of you to come visit The Baldpate Inn and experience the charm that puts above the rest; the elevation helps also.
Beef Stew: a traditional stew made with chunks of real beef in a hearty broth with vegetables
Potato Leek: potatoes and leeks blended together to form a rich and slightly creamy texture, add a slice of cornbread and a couple splashes of Tabasco, and you’ve got a meal
Buttermilk Bran- a savory combination of good wholesome bran made with buttermilk
Golden Sunshine: Bits of Orange and Raisins in one muffin make this a delicious treat
Trail Mix: Nuts and Berries and all the trappings of a bag of trail mix made into a muffin
Looking towards tomorrow, I would say our soups are going to be Red Chili and Corn Chowder.